“I don’t just do this just for the sake of recording. I do this because I have an obsession with growing. I have a lust for knowledge and recording is my out. The recording process is infinite, and this allows me to devote my life to something where the sky really is the limit.” - Nick Nodurft


​Rusty Sun Audio llc is owned by artist/engineer Nick Nodurft. We offer high end tracking, mixing and mastering in beautiful Colorado just south of Denver at the edge of Parker. Our studio has spacious live, vocal and control rooms along with a comfortable lounge. We also have a great selection of equipment you will find in every major studio, but besides that we also have something a lot harder to find, and that is the passion to drive you to make the best music of your career. You devote your life to making your music and you owe it to yourself to record with someone who devotes their life to making your music sound exactly like you imagined.

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